SilverBeatYannick was born in M√ľnster on March 8th in 1996.

In his childhood he had lots of experiences with music and he started playing music when he was 6 years old. He took flute lessons but this instrument was not the instrument he preferred.

A few years later he got his own keyboard for Christmas and played around with it without taking lessons. At the age of 10 he started playing the guitar for 3 years. After that he also got an electric guitar but he was more interested in playing the piano and created own sounds and beats.

The beatmaker career started with Magix Music Maker Hip Hop Edition. But it was still not a software to create own melodies and drums. After searching for a professional software in the internet he found FL Studio 9. This was a significant step in his beatmaker career because he was able to create his own melodies and whole compositions without any restrictions.....